Sunday, August 7, 2011

Nailed it!

I was snooping around on Pinterest the other night and found some reeeeally cool nail art pictures that I have been dying to try. I swear, doesn't every great idea come in the middle of the night?! Or maybe that's just me. Anyways, I figured a lazy Sunday afternoon would be the perfect time to crack out my inner DIY nail skills...if I have any. I confess, with all the baking, dish washing and gardening I do, I don't usually go all out, especially for nails. But every domestic goddess needs a little funk and glam in her day every now and again ; ) I mean, dishes and cleaning ARE pretty glamorous buuut......


Yeah, nuff said. Get your glamor on. So I've got my goods and I'm ready to go. Bright orange, a vibrant red, a base coat and a clear top coat

Some clear scotch tape and some squiggle scissors. I know, I said nail art not scrapbooking, but stay with me,  it's genius. It's like Martha Stewart goes glam.....minus the pant suit ; ) I started by using the base coat (you can skip this step, it just goes on really smooth and actually lasts) and then a coat of the orange polish

 Apparently this a new product from Revlon, and get this, when it dries and smells like oranges! What the?! Yeah, it's like smelly markers for grown ups! haha, awesome. So I let the orange dry til it was good and hard, (the key/hardest part!) until it started to smell like oranges. THEN, ripped off a piece of tape and cut it using the squiggle scissors. I tried doing it length wise, but found it was easier to work with if you cut it across width wise. 

I decided to cover half of my nail, putting the squiggle part down the center. Press the tape on and make sure the center "seam" is completely stuck down and smooth on the nail. Then for a good swipe of red on the uncovered part. Like I said the key is to make sure the first coat, for my case the orange, is good and dry. I was a little over excited to try the first nail and when I peeled off the tape the orange came with it. : ( Round two. While the red was still wet I carefully peeled off the tape.....

and was left with this! The lines came out a lot more crisp than I had expected

Cut, stuck and painted the rest of my nails and I have to say I am pretty stoked about how they turned out!  Preeetty darn fun. I told James I will probably have to flick on the light in the middle of the night just to re-admire the awesomeness. I think the would look really awesome in a robin's egg blue and black. Or gray and black. Or any other color because they are just that awesome : )

I forgot to mention the man and the moral support behind the whole handsome husband James. Ok, well he may have been watching Mantracker the whole time, but he WAS there takin' it for the team, inhaling all my toxic nail polish fumes!

So there's my attempt at DIY nail art! There are a lot of fun decals you can purchase for cool nail art, but why pay $10.99 when you can use the nail polish and scotch tape you already have? Genius! You should try it!

Love and nail polish fumes,


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