Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Preparing for the "100 in 100" challenge

This challenge is going to be SO hardcore you are going to need to start preparing immediately!!! Haha, kidding. I have been thinking and getting excited about the challenge though, and to make this challenge as successful AND enjoyable as possible, I think we need to prepare a bit.

I know this is scary, but take a goooood look at your closet, or in my case step into my closet.

Woman Surveying Her Messy Closet
(from corbis images)

 Maybe I am just the only one, but sometimes stepping into my closet can be a little scary for fear it might implode on me (yes it's that full of every thing imaginable) or that I might just get lost in the abyss. We live in a really small house with few closets, so our walk-in closet is our saving grace as far as storage goes. So though it is fairly organized, it can easily get out of control.

Step ONE: Survey your closet. Is it disorganized? Messy? Full of stuff that doesn't even belong there? Things falling all over the place? All of the above? haha. Now is a great time to clean it up, organize and go through your things. This challenge and getting ready in the morning will be so much more enjoyable if you can find things and are not concerned for your life everytime you open the door.  Start by organizing like things together, a basket for all purses, all pants together, blazers together etc.

Linen Closet Organizing -- Martha Stewart
Only Martha...but I can't help but swoon over this beauifully organized linen closet.

Step TWO: As you go through things, set aside things that are garbage, need repair, need to be ironed, don't fit or things that you HATE. Now normally I am big on purging things, but I think for this challenge it should be done AFTER the 100 days. My logic is this:  there have been many pieces that I hardly wear, are a bit too big, are frumpy or don't really know what to do with. Well, that is the beauty of this challenge! As I was playing around with outfits you wouldn't believe how many things I pulled out of my "get rid of bag" because I would think "oh, if only I had something like..." So unless it's something you absolutely hate, save it for now.

Step THREE: Accessories. I love them. I feel like I can never have enough earrings or bangles! And since I actually wear them all, I feel ok about that ;  ) Accessories truly can make an outfit. And at the rate I pile them on, they are pretty much THE outfit! I won't lie though, right now they are scattered, falling, broken, tarnished and just plain messy. So go through EVERYTHING. Put anything broken or tarnished in a pile, we will deal with that later. There are some really great jewelry storage ideas here make it pretty so you will be excited to get dressed in the morning! Practical can still be pretty : ) Wouldn't that make you smile every morning when you see your jewelry all organized in the pretty tea cups your grandma left you? Well it's better than waiting for the tea party you will never have!

an ice cube tray? is this not a genius idea?
Stylish Jewelry Storage
vintage tea cups, so pretty!

Also, organize all of your purses, belts, scarves and shoes. Again putting aside anything that needs to be repaired or spruced up. That will be something else we will work on later, after we're finish cleaning!

Step FOUR: As you go through your closet, make a list of the things you think you need. The key word in that sentence is THINK! If you truly think you need it, or think it will really stretch your wardrobe and give you a million more options, write it down. For me it would be a red blazer and and fur vest, They would be so fun and go with a million things! Try to do your best to keep the list to a minimum.

See? look how awesome the vest looks with that?!

Step FIVE:  You should have a pile of stuff that need sprucing up or repairing, so just set it aside for now. Time to relax and have a cup of tea, you deserve a break! So while you are relaxing with your cup of tea and feeling extremely accomplished by your beautifully organized closet, move onto step five. This step is probably the HARDEST of all. Mentally prepare yourself and commit to not buying any clothes for 100 days. Or as long as you are committed to this challenge. If you only think you can do 50 days (stretch yourself though!!) then that is super awesome too. The point is not how long, but to make the most of everything we have, find new and creative ways to wear things and most of all to realize and appreciate how much we do have. So just to remind yourself, write on a little fortune cookie size piece of paper " I commit to NO CLOTHES" and tape it to your debit and credit cards!! Seriously, do it!

Whew, that was exhausting! Are you excited though? I hope you will join in this challenge with me and get ready for starting on Sept. 1st!! I will give you a few days to get that closet of yours under control before we move on to the next prep step! More to come : )

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  1. I love how we think alike! :) Organizing was totally my job for Thursday...since I "should" be studying for a final today...haha. I'm getting really excited. Funny you mention making a list of things you think you need to make outfits stretch...a couple days ago I decided a green army jacket and cute yellow sweater would be a great fall addition!

  2. Yeah isn't my wife the BEST? I have the best most creative wife.

  3. Her name might not be Martha but I have seen Sarah's closets and they are just as picture perfect as the photos captured in todays' blog. She truly lives her life, simply beautiful!

  4. Super creative!! Especially the jewelry organizing---mine is a tragic mess! ) I'l join the 100 days once I'm back to my pre-pregnant weight. I think my husband would LOVE the debit card reminder!!!