Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Last day before "100 in 100"-Prepare and Repair

I am sure you are all shaking in your boots. This is going to be hard, but AWESOME! If you are like me or any of the other girls I know, the not shopping rule is going to be the hardest part!! Haha. Cracks me up, I thought I was the only one thinking about that, but apparently everyone is getting their last minute shopping in! To each her own I guess : )

Anyways, the last thing to do before the challenge tomorrow....rush out and buy a few last minute pairs of awesome shoes!!

These are actually a lot more versatile than you might think! There are just so many options when you have these babies! You were probably thinking a pair of Jimmy Choo's right? Lame. Just don't be gettin' all jealous on me because my shoes are more awesome than yours. 

Anyways, the LAST thing to do before the challenge (and it's not shoe shopping!) is to deal with that pile of "things" you set aside when cleaning your closet. I had a few tears or holes in shirts, a lot of broken and tarnished jewelry and a belt that needed fixing. 

Pretty much anything can be fixed with a glue gun or super glue, so glue those jewels back in if they have fallen out. Use small needle nose pliers to re-attach earring loops back on or fix necklaces (James is getting professional at this!) Crack out your needle and thread (or go get yourself a little dollar store kit if you need to) and sew up any small things or holes that need fixing. 

If you have tarnished silver jewelry, line a casserole dish or bowl with foil and boil some water. Sprinkle the dish (be generous) with both baking soda and salt. Put your jewelry in, making sure it is touching the foil,  then pour boiling water over top. The reaction causes the baking soda to bubble up and produces a lovely smell that will bring back memories of high school chemistry class. : ) It should remove all of the tarnish but use a toothbrush to scrub it if you need to, and then rinse well. It's like magic!

So are you all ready? Jewelry and clothes repaired? A clean and organized closet? Clothes tags? REMINDER ON DEBIT AND CREDIT CARDS? : ) 

Tomorrow to kick off the challenge and hopefully give some inspiration,  I will be posting

  23 Outfits. 1 Dress. 

Don't forget to post your outfit of the day tomorrow on our Facebook Group! Can't wait to see everyone!


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