Thursday, September 1, 2011

The Start- 1 of 100 & the outfit of the day

Happy September 1st!!  Here is my outfit of the day

But then you couldn't see my here's another

photo credits to my BFF Michelle and Jonathan for letting us use his camera!

The dress is from somewhere in the States (sorry I can't remember), the wedges were $20 at stitches, $2 for this little boy's uniform jacket that worked as a shrunken blazer, belt was from a friend who was getting rid of it, (gotta love that!) and my jewelry is always collected from all over the place so I couldn't tell you. Cheap + original + cool jewelry = LOOOOOVE! Maybe that is why I have to post about fixing my jewelry! ; ) haha

I think the thing that I will find challenging is that we committed to wearing 100 DIFFERENT outfits....and when I find a cute, comfy and cozy one that makes me feel good, I just want to wear it again!

Can't wait to see everyone's outfits of the day!! You can either comment and leave a link below or join our facebook page (anyone can join, and at any time in the challenge!) or both!

I warned James that as soon as it is Sept. 1st I am cracking out all things fall! Fall decs are going up today and I am burning my maple pumpkin candle as I write this. Oh happy day! Are you as in love with fall as I am?

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