Thursday, September 1, 2011

23 Outfits. 1 Dress.

To kick off our challenge I thought I would (hopefully) give you a little inspiration and a few ideas on how to stretch your wardrobe as far as possible. I love love love dresses! I used to hardly ever wear them, until I decided I needed to find things to wear that were comfy (come on, just admit it. you probably take off your tight jeans as soon as you step in the door) AND stylish. Dresses really fit the bill. So comfy and so easy to look "put together" without really having to try. You can make the same dress go from summer to winter just by adding a jacket and stretch pants. So. Many. Options.

Option 1: 
boring, but it's an outfit. made even better by no shoes! haha

So here is the dress. I got it when Banana Republic was clearing out their summer dresses last year (it was like 80% off!) and it was $39. Cute, but nothing awesome. Figuring out all of the different options I had with this dress was a really great exercise for me to do. It was a bit of a challenge to come up with 23, but I really had no idea I had so many possibilities with just one dress! Once you start playing around with your wardrobe, you will be amazed at how many outfits you actually DO have. So here they are, this was my first attempt at outfit photo's....and it felt really awkward, which is evident in some of the pics, but I did my best!

Option 2:
gold necklaces-Tracy Porter and cuff, bee ring, MK shoes,  Aldo belt
Option 3:
silver necklace $8-Aldo and bracelet, black sleeveless tank, Payless shoes $20,
tie belt from a sweater : )
Option 4:  Wedding??

Payless shoes, crystal earring from The Bay, silver bangles and ring,  tie belt (like above)
with an old broach (my family will be laughing about the broach) pinned on
Option 5:
tie belt with broach, silver hoops $2 and bangles-garage sale!,
black pumps $25-brit and bro's and tights

Option 6:
dress pulled up as a tunic, stretch pants-H&M, MK shoes, chain purse, bee ring,
 Aldo belt, gold angel wing earrings $5

Option 7:

black boots $25 Sears clearance, black leggings and jacket H&M,
Aldo belt, gold necklace, looped twice -Tracy Porter, angel wing earrings $5

Option 8:

leather boots-Tracy Porter $60, grey tights, army jacket $5 and belt $2-Plato's Closet
gold bracelets (stolen from my mom's "dress up pail") and earrings $3-Suzy Shier 

Option 9:

Belt $2 and Jacket $15-Joe, boots-Tracy Porter, grey tights, gold bracelets-mentioned above,
earrings $3-Suzy Shier, necklace-gift

Option 10:
sweater-the Gap, boots, grey tights, hat-gift, gold earrings

Option 11:

belt, bracelet $8, earrings $4-Aldo, blazer $15-Joe, Steve Madden shoes
(bought when I was single,  probably for a stupid price!) red scarf-le chateau I think?

Option 12:

earrings and jacket $22-Winners, lace scarf-my great grandma's,
everything else is mentioned above

Option 13:

black tie belt from another sweater, tied at the front this time, sweater $30-Winners

Option 14:
black tie belt, layered with grey belt-Winners, sweater $8-NY&C, XOXO watch-Winners

Option 15:
black tie belt, velvet blazer $40-Jacob, everything else already mentioned above

Option 16:

jacket $35-H&M, boots $40-Nine West, chain purse, chain necklace- Rachel Zoe
bought on Ebay

Option 17:

orange blazer $10-Smart Set, everything else previously mentioned
Option 18:

dress tucked under elastic and then belted with silk sash from dress pants,
dress pants-gift, black pumps, necklace $10-NY&C

Option 19:
velvet blazer $15-Suzy Shier, pink scarf, necklace wore as a bracelet, boots-NineWest

Option 20:

silk shirt $10-Alfred Sung, everything else previously mentioned

Option 21:
cowl neck sweater, black pumps, belt $40 & necklace-gift, both from Tristan & America
Option 22:
black sweater (from high school I think!)-Le Chateau, black pumps, watch with bangles
Option 23:

scarf $8-Le Chateau, sandals $8-Aldo

So that is how you get 23 outfits from 1 dress! I love how as the pictures progress, the sun starts to set and it just gets darker and darker, haha. I tried to put where I purchased everything, but if it doesn't say where it is from it is because I have had it so long, I don't even remember!

Now if only my house looked as good as all the outfits I came up......

the aftermath of hurricane Sarah.....

Now I know I can make it almost an entire month in the same dress! and if you count sleeping in it too, I could even have more outfits! : ) I have seen people wear a dress or a jacket a million ways, and then think "yeah, well that is because you just happen to have the most versatile dress ever" Don't think that! I would have never thought this dress would give me as many options as it did, so I KNOW that you must have pieces like that as well! Now go raid your own closet and see how many options YOU have!

Sarah xo

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  1. I love how it got darker as your photos progressed

    Good job, I love them all. Very versatile dress :)