Friday, September 2, 2011

Outfit of the day-2 of 100

Outfit: Shoes $25- Brit and Bro's, Tracy Porter necklaces, looped twice, belt- Aldo, jeans $13- Winners, shirt $8-Winners
earrings $3-random antique/junk stand :)

I just found out I'm hired at the little coffee shop in town today.  I'm pretty excited about that! : )  I got  thinking outfits might get a little ghetto soon when I start working there....I am not wearing decent clothes that will get wrecked by bleach and coffee, I destroyed half of my things the last coffee shop job I had! But then...when you spend 80% of your time working, you are always wearing crappy "work clothes" and then none of your other stuff really gets worn anyways. *Dilemma* 

What do you do? Wear the clothes you love and chance them getting trashed, because you work most of the time anyways? At least you'd look nice all the time! OR, do you have your designated "work" clothes?


  1. The same thing happened to me when I started working in bakery!

  2. My struggle too! I'm leaning towards risking my stuff getting wrecked... at least most of my stuff... maybe not the newest additions to my wardrobe.. but I feel good when I make an effort to look good and I'd like to have more 'feel good' days :)

  3. I know! Because that is what you spend most of your time in anyways so you might as well feel good about yourself! Yeah I think I will just wear my clothes, just not my favourites. It's not even like they are the more expensive things, I just love them and their fav's!