Tuesday, August 30, 2011

1 more day til we start the "100 in 100" challenge!

Hi All!  Here is what I have been working on today in preparation for the 100 in 100 challenge:

Day of the week tags!

I can already hear you saying "What the wretch are day of the week tags?! This idea stemmed from the lack of morning inspiration I often have when it comes to getting dressed....

*Stands there shivering in a towel*

*Surveys closet*

*sleepy +  no coffee*

*defeating feeling of nothing to wear. again.*

Yeah that is how most mornings go down. SO I thought it would be a great idea to make an outfit tag for each day of the week. This would be especially helpful I think for those who have to get out the door in record time and at an early hour, or those who have children crying and hanging off them and don't have time to even THINK about putting together a cool outfit, let alone getting dressed. This is for you.

Make some cute little tags out of whatever you have around...mine happened to be out of the pieces of "leather" I had leftover from covering my chairs. You can make them as fancy or as simple as you like! Make a tag for each day of the week. I chose to just make tags for Monday to Friday, but you can plan the weekend too if you'd like. Glue a ribbon around the top of each tag, leaving enough length that you can easily loop it over a hanger.

My plan and suggestion for you would be to spend some time Sunday evening to prepare for the week....put some music on, grab a cup of tea and head to your closet for some outfit planning! Go through each day (it might be helpful to look at the calendar first so you know what to prepare for)  and pick out your outfit of the day. Put everything on one hanger...shirt, pants, jewelery, tights, whatever you need for that day. It will make it SO much easier and quicker to get dressed in the morning when you don't have to think about what to put with what, and what fits, and what jewelry to wear with it. Just grab your hanger (and underwear I guess? yikes) for the day and get dressed!

It also forces you to use more of the items you have in your closet. If you have a sweater on your Monday hanger, it will force you to use a different one for Wednesdays outfit, getting more wear and more options out of your closet. It is perfectly fine to use the same sweater and just hang it on the Wednesday hanger when you take it off monday, however for me specifically I notice I often gravitate to the same clothes most days, so this helps me to wear ALL of my wardrobe.

There is no point of it taking up space if you will never wear it!! Hopefully by the end of this challenge you will be able to better evaluate what you do and don't use. And who knows? the things that you never wear now could end up being your favourite pieces in the end! You will shock yourself at how many options you can actually come up with. : )

 Happy tag making!


PS. For all who are joining the challenge (or for those who want to see our outfit pics) I created a 100 outfits in 100 days facebook page. You can upload your photos of the day and post them there! http://www.facebook.com/groups/189750617758833/

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